Glazed Donut Nails Attempt with Regular Polish

Glazed Donut Nails Attempt with Regular Polish
Glazed Donut Nails Attempt with Regular Polish

Essie Nail Polish Glazed Donut Set, Mademoiselle, Sheer Pale Pink Nail Polish 0.46 Fl Oz + Expressie Iced Out Fx,  Gifts For Women And Men

What’s app guys! I am Samsunnahar. How are you all, I hope you are well. I came with Essie Nail Polish Glazed. This is the Nail Polish. Which looks very beautiful and good which uses your Essie Nail Polish Glazed will be shiny and beautiful and in today’s article I will tell you about Essie Nail Polish Glazed with full specification, price, and color, product details, review, performance of Essie Nail Polish Glazed. I have discussed many other things in a very nice way, part by part. So what else is Gaius? Let’s start today’s interesting Essie Nail Polish Glazed article.

Guys, let’s first see what’s in this Essie Nail Polish Glazed, let’s open the box. On opening the box, we are getting the manual and Essie Nail Polish Glazed at the top.

And this product looks very beautiful which you will like very much. You will understand if you use Essie Nail Polish Glazed. I have used this product and I like it very much. Hope you like it too. So guys without further ado we are going straight to the Essie Nail Polish Glazed article.


The Essie Nail Polish Glazed Donut Set you mentioned sounds like a lovely combination. It includes two shades: Essie Mademoiselle, a sheer pale pink nail polish, and Essie Expressie Iced Out Fx, a pearlescent white shade. This set can make a great gift for both women and men who enjoy nail polish.

Essie Mademoiselle is a classic and elegant shade that gives a subtle, sheer pink finish. It’s perfect for a natural and polished look. You can wear it alone for a simple and sophisticated manicure or use it as a base color for nail art.

On the other hand, Essie Expressie Iced Out Fx offers a pearlescent white shade with a shimmering effect. This polish can be used to create eye-catching nail designs, such as accent nails, ombre effects, or as a top coat for adding a touch of sparkle to any nail look.

Both of these Essie nail polishes come in convenient sizes, with Essie Mademoiselle containing 0.46 fl oz and Essie Expressie Iced Out Fx containing 0.33 fl oz.

The smaller size of the Expressie polish is typical for this particular line, which is designed for quick-drying and easy application.

Overall, the Essie Nail Polish Glazed Donut Set provides a versatile combination of shades that can be used for various nail looks. Whether you prefer a subtle and natural appearance or want to experiment with shimmery effects, this set offers options for different styles. It’s a thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys nail polish and wants to explore different colors and finishes.

Brand Essie
Item Form Liquid
Color 35 glazed donut bundle, expressie iced out & essie core mademoiselle
Type Base
Material Type Free Cruelty-free
Finish Type Glossy
Special Feature Peel Off
Included Components Brush
Material Feature Vegan
Age Range (Description) Adult


Now let’s talk about this item

It seems like you’re referring to the description of a specific nail polish top coat. Unfortunately, you haven’t provided the name or brand of the product, so I can’t provide specific information about it. However, based on the details you’ve provided, here is a general breakdown:

  • Fast-Drying Nail Polish Top Coat: This top coat is designed to dry quickly, allowing you to complete your manicure faster. It features a pearly white, chrome glitter that shifts in color from pink to purple to teal, creating a shimmering finish. It is recommended to use this top coat over any Expressie color for an instant icy holographic effect.
  • Artistry in About a Minute: This top coat can be applied over any Expressie polish to enhance and level up the look of your manicure. It can also be used on bare nails to achieve a holographic glitter effect. The formula is 8-free, which means it does not contain certain harsh chemicals often found in nail polishes. Additionally, it is mentioned that the product is vegan.
  • Glossy Shine Nail Polish: This top coat provides a glossy finish, giving your nails a shiny and polished appearance. It is designed to provide flawless coverage and outstanding durability.
  • The Perfect Manicure: The provided tips for achieving a perfect manicure include using apricot cuticle oil, an Essie base coat, applying two coats of Essie polish, and sealing it with Essie top coat. This suggests a recommended routine for achieving optimal results with the nail polish.

Please note that without specific information about the brand and product name, I can only provide a general understanding based on the details provided.

Now let’s talk about the product details

  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0BCHZBM12
  • Best Sellers Rank: #1,073 in Beauty & Personal Care


glazed donut nail polish

“Glazed Donut” nail polish shade or collection from Essie or any other major nail polish brand. polish shade that resembles the color or appearance of a glazed donut, you can look for shades that are similar to the colors found in a glazed donut. For the base color, you could consider a light brown or beige shade. As for the glaze, a pearly white or shimmery pink shade could work well. Look for polishes with names like “Beige,” “Light Brown,” “Pearlescent White,” or “Shimmery Pink” to find shades that resemble the elements of a glazed donut.

Remember to check with your local beauty stores or online retailers for the latest nail polish releases or specific shades that may match your desired glazed donut look.

Now let’s talk about glazed donut nails at home

Creating glazed donut nails at home can be a fun and creative project. Although it may not result in the exact texture and shine of a glazed donut, you can still achieve a similar look. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating glazed donut nails at home:

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Base coat
  2. Beige or light brown nail polish
  3. White nail polish
  4. Pink, brown, and white acrylic paint or nail art pens
  5. Clear top coat
  6. Toothpick or small dotting tool
  7. Nail polish remover and cotton swabs (for cleanup)

Step 1: Prepare your nails Start by removing any existing nail polish and shaping your nails to your desired length and shape.

Step 2: Apply the base color Using a beige or light brown nail polish, apply two coats to each nail. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next one. This will serve as the base color of your donut.

Step 3: Create the donut texture Using a toothpick or a small dotting tool, dip it into the white nail polish and gently create small, irregular dots or lines on each nail to resemble the texture of a donut. You can create a marbled effect by dabbing the toothpick in a random pattern. Be sure to leave space in the center for the “glaze.”

Step 4: Add the glaze Using a pink or white acrylic paint or nail art pen, create a circular shape in the center of each nail to represent the glaze. Start with a smaller circle and gradually build it up to achieve a more realistic glaze effect.

Step 5: Add details With brown or white acrylic paint or a nail art pen, create tiny lines or swirls on the glaze to mimic the toppings on a glazed donut. You can add sprinkles, chocolate drizzle, or any other designs you like. Be creative and have fun with it! Allow the paint to dry completely.

This will protect the design and give it a glossy finish. Make sure to cover the entire nail, including the glaze and the textured areas.

Step 7: Clean up Using a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover, clean up any excess polish or mistakes around your nails for a neat finish.

Enjoy your glazed donut nails!

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Now let’s talk about essie mademoiselle

Essie Mademoiselle is a popular nail polish shade from the Essie brand. It is known for its sheer, pale pink color that creates a natural and sophisticated look on the nails. Here is some information about Essie Mademoiselle:

  • Shade: Essie Mademoiselle is a soft, sheer pink shade. It is often described as a “barely-there” pink, making it a classic and versatile color that can complement any skin tone.
  • Finish: Mademoiselle has a sheer finish, meaning that it provides a subtle and translucent color to the nails. It gives a clean and polished appearance without being too overpowering.
  • iselle is often favored for its understated elegance and versatility. It is suitable for various occasions, from everyday wear to formal events. The sheer and neutral nature of the shade makes it a popular choice for those who prefer a natural and subtle manicure.

Its sheer pink color is well-suited for a range of occasions and complements various styles and skin tones.

At the end of the article, this opinion can be expressed that Essie Nail Polish Glazed after the article, you must tell us by commenting. And if you like it, definitely share the article. If you have any problem after buying this product, please let us know. We will try to solve the problem.


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